How TO Remove Privacy Protection Password On iTel S15 W6002

iTel S15 W6002 Privacy
iTel S15 W6002 Privacy Protection Password

Do you have Privacy Protection Password problem with your iTel S15 (W6002)?.

If yes! Then thank God to be here which is the right information base to your phone problem.

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I want to gladly share with you the world first solution for the privacy protection password pin problem with necessary files needed to resolve the problem.
Step by step guides on how to solve iTel S15 W6002 Privacy Protection Password problem!
Download necessary files below
First File needed DOWNLOAD HERE
Second File needed DOWNLOAD HERE
File also work for ‘No Service’ problem after flash using the same steps below
To get file Password, request in the comment box with your Whatsapp number
Note: It’s free for limited time

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  • Launch your NCK box or dongle SPD 1.0/1.1
  • Go to flash utils tab
  • Select SC9832a as CPU
  • Change your task to ‘Restore NVRAM’
  • Change your loader to A16 loader given in the link above
  • Now click ‘Do Job’
  • Navigate to where you have your NVRAM that is in the zip format
  • As it is couting waiting for phone to detect plug phone
  • After you have successfully written it , do hard reset.

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Hope it’s helpful

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