August, 2019

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Download FMWhatsApp v7.99 APK, Latest version for Android 2019 (Anti-ban)

Download Latest WhatsApp APK

Download Latest FMWhatsApp APK For Andriod 2019 (Anti- Ban)

Just like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, RCYOWhatsApp and others, FMWhatsApp is also another great and popular modded version of the official WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp is no doubt the most popular social messaging platform in the world with over 1 billion active users.

But it does come with its own limitation like limit to the number of images you can send at a time, limit to image quality, limit to video size and more.

This is where modded WhatsApp like FMWhatsApp comes in. With FMWhatsApp, you can customize your WhatsApp user interface to your liking.

You can freeze your last seen, disable double tick, send larger videos and pictures, download themes and many more.

SM J727U CF Auto Root File 8.1.0 For Samsung Galaxy J7

FMWhatsApp also comes with the Ant-ban feature which prevents you from getting banned by WhatsApp for using the unofficial App.

Below are some of the features of Latest FMWhatsApp.

Increases the length of the status to 250 characters.
Different packs of emojis to choose from.
Allows you to easily use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device (FMWhatsApp + stock WhatsApp).
Allows users to hide notifications .
File transfers of all sorts of up to 50 MB.
An increase of the limit to send videos up to 1 GB.
You can get rid of the boring green color layout by changing it to the layout color of your own choice.
You can also add your own custom theme or apply from the collection of thousands of themes.
Can change the icon color of the application using the new FMWhatsApp Apk.
Add Privacy tweaks like hiding last seen the status, etc.
Can disable video calling feature.
Have access to disable blue ticks and double ticks .
FM WhatsApp lets you secure your WhatsApp application with its own inbuilt App Lock feature.
With FMWhatsApp, you can send a message to anyone without saving their mobile number.
Enable you to Pin up to 100 chats.
Able to change the colors of Groups you have, helps to find the groups easily
Secure conversation by adding a PIN to any particular chats.
FMWhatsApp allows you to send the message to a group of 500 people at once.
You can also send up to 60 images at once to anyone.

Download FMWhatsApp v7.99 HERE

Download GBWhatsApp Beta v7.35 APK for Android (Anti-ban) Latest version 2019

Download GBWhatsApp Beta APK

Download GBWhatsApp Beta APK (V7.35 Anti-Ban) For Android 2019

What is GBWhatsApp?

It is no more new that GBMods who happens to be the developer of one of the most popular Modded WhatsApps which is GBWhatsApp has discontinued the development of the APP and this is due to the violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service.

Even though the latest version of GBWhatsApp which is the v7.00 is now obsolete and no more longer working, there are a couple of other Mods based on the original GBWhatsApp and one of them is the GBWhatsApp Beta.

The latest GBWhatsApp Beta 7.35 is based on the original GBWhatsApp and it comes with all the features we are all used to and even more.

For those who don’t know what GBWhatsApp is, it is a Mod version of the official WhatsApp App and it is packed with a lot of features that you can find on the official App such as option to theme and personalize your WhatsApp UI, upload longer WhatsApp status videos, download WhatsApp status videos and pictures, hide your last seen and many more.

Features of GBWhatsApp

Ban proof
Supports calls
Hide your ( last seen )
Privacy mods
Themes mods
Ability to Schedule a Message (Message Scheduler)
Be able to Hide Chats (using Pattern)
Ability to Send Message or Call to Unknown Nos.
Translate Messages in Different Languages.
Give you access to Download Status/Stories
Ability to Send Broadcast to Groups
Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )
Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod
(17) Ticks & (13) Bubbles Styles to choose , Counter statistics for groups
Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen
Send video with size 50MB instead of 16MB
Send 90 images at once instead of 10
Change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters
Enable to press on links on chat screen without save sender number or group admin number
Ability to press in links on your friends’ status
Access to distinguish between normal messages and Broadcast messages
Hide the name and the date when copy more than one message
Allow to copy friends’ status
You can change the app icon and notifications
And many many other features .. discover it by yourself

Download GBWhatsApp Beta V7.35: DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Weekly Beta MIUI 10 v9.8.20 for all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

Weekly Beta MIUI 10

Xiaomi.EU is a more optimized and feature packed version of the China MIUI weekly beta ROM.

It is developed and maintained by the European MIUI team. The ROM comes with a couple of features that you won’t find on the China or Global MIUI firmware and this includes night mode, 3 ways reboot options, face unlock, full screen gesture and many more.

All the bloatwares and ADs from MIUI has been completely removed making ROM a lot more lighter and optimized as there are less background running apps.

It is also fully translated, so you won’t be finding any Chinese in the ROM.

Features of MIUI EU

Based on China Stable / Weekly builds (except POCOF1, HMNote6Pro )
Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop
3 way reboot menu (in dev settings)
Dark Mode (Night Mode) for 7.x/8.x/9.x devices (In the dev settings)
Removed ads in MIUI system apps
Face Unlock for all 7.x/8.x/9.x devices
Vertical clock widget on lockscreen
Steps counter in Assistant screen
More shortcuts on left lockscreen
Wake up gestures for 7.x/8.x/9.x devices
AI preloading option in MIUI Lab
Full screen gestures for 8.x/9.x devices
Option to auto-expand first notification
Notifications priority settings
More edit options in Gallery app
Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer
Added landscape mode for SMS app
Google apps support integrated
Importing theme from via ThemeManager
No useless Chinese bloatware apps
More free RAM due to less background processes
No any Chinese character under the full system
No possibility to re-lock bootloader accidentally with flash any release
Included real 27 languages translation made by Official MIUI Fansites and MIUI Fans
Added EU T9 dialer support
Charging sound switch added
Optimized Battery consumption
Optimized RAM consumption
Added more icons grid layout 4×5, 4×6, 4×7, 5×5, 5×6, 5×7 (depends on device)
SafetyNet passed (Google Pay)
Play Store Certified
Added game speed booster
Charging screen for all Android 7.x/8.x/9.x devices
And more, and more made by our 7 years MIUI mods experience

SM J727U CF Auto Root File 8.1.0 for Samsung Galaxy J7

What is New in Xiaomi.EU MIUI 10 v9.8.22:

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar

New – New lockscreen wallpaper animation


New – Dark mode schedule [Android 9]
New – New screen cast modes


Optimize – Optimized system size and install time


New – added optional quick snap mode for video
New – added quick snap photo sound can be turned off

Downloading the wrong firmware might brick your smartphone, so make sure you know the ROM name for the device you are using by checking the image above and download from the links below.

Download latest weekly beta MIUI 10 EU V9.8.22

Download MIUI 10 v9.8.22 from HERE

How To Remove Privacy Protection Password on iTel A33, P33 & P33plus

iTel A33, P33 and P33plus Privacy Protection Password

Do you have privacy protection password pin problem on your latest android smartphones that are classified under Spectrum (SPD) like iTel A33, P33 and P33 Plus?
I will like to share with you the world first solution for the privacy protection password pin problem with necessary files needed to resolve the problem.
Step by step guide on how to remove privacy protection password on iTel A33, P33 & P33plus
Download necessary files below
File also work for ‘No Service’ problem after flash using the same steps below 👇
To get file Password, request in the comment box with your Whatsapp number
1. Launch your NCK box or dongle SPD 0.9/1.0
2. Go to flash utils tab
3. Select SC9832a as CPU
4. Change your task to ‘Restore NVRAM’
5. Change your loader to A16 loader given in the link above
6. Now click ‘Do Job’
7. Navigate to where you have your NVRAM that is in the zip format
8. As it is couting waiting for phone to detect plug phone
9. After you have successfully written it , do hardreset.
Credits to Techy
Hope its helpful?

Download iTel IT2171 Stock ROM (Pac File)

iTel IT2171 Pac File (Flash File)

Download iTel IT2171 Pac File/Firmware (Flash File)

Do you have any software related issues on your iTel IT2171? If yes you are in the right information base to rid of your device problem.

Below is the download link for iTel it2171-G1808-EnHiGuTaTePa-IN-20181219 firmware (Pac File).

Device Model: iTel IT2171

Build Number: iTel it2171-G1808-EnHiGuTaTePa-IN-20181219

File Size : 5.86Mb

Paid/Free: Free


Note: Make sure the firmware build number match with your device before flashing

How to download and Install Twrp custom recovery on all Android devices

Download TWRP Custom Recovery

Download TWRP Custom Recovery For All Android

In this post, I will be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to install Twrp recovery on all your Android smartphones. The procedure is pretty simple and straightforward. If you want to modify your phone by rooting, flashing ROMs, flashing kernels etc, then TWRP is one of the essential tools you will need.

SM J727U CF Auto Root File 8.1.0 For Samsung Galaxy J7

TWRP is a touch based open source custom recovery image which is packed with a whole lot of functionality and features that you won’t find on any stock recovery, like flashing official and unofficial Zip files, flashing new kernels, rooting your phone and more.


  • Windows PC
  • Unlocked Bootloader: Google the procedure for your phone
  • Adb/fastboot: Download Here
  • Twrp for all smartphones: Download Here (if your phone is not in the link provided, google it)
  • Lazy Flasher.Zip : Download Here

How to Install TWRP recovery on your Android phone

Make sure ADB Fastboot driver is installed on your PC, if not click the link above for guide
Download the right TWRP image for your phone from the Link above and extract it to a folder on your PC
Rename the extracted Twrp file to twrp.img
Inside the TWRP folder, hold down the shift key and right click, then click on open powershell command here
Download lazy flasher from the link above and copy it to your phone internal storage
Turn off your phone and reboot into fastboot mode by holding down Volume down + Power button simultaneously (or Volume up + power button for older phones)
Connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable
Enter the command below to flash twrp recovery

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

After installation, enter the command below to boot into Twrp

fastboot boot twrp.img

Click on install on the Twrp menu and select the lazy flasher zip file you copied earlier
Swipe to install the file
After that, reboot your phone to system.

That is all guys, you have just successfully installed Twrp recovery on your Android device.

If you have any question to ask, just drop it in the comment section below.